Trump To Undo Another Obama Regulations, Clean Power Plan

By Jaswin S. Singh | Mar 28, 2017 12:35 AM EDT

U.S. president Donald Trump is going to sign a new law that will null one of Obama's energy regulations. The Clean Power Act is a law that Obama signed to regulate the gas emissions in coal plants but Trump will undo it.

The executive order will be signed today. The Trump administration together with the Environmental Protection Agency claimed that the new order will be "pro-growth and pro-environment". "With respect to this executive order that's coming out on Tuesday, this is about making sure that we have a pro-growth and pro-environment approach to how we do regulation in this country," Scott Pruitt, former Oklahoma attorney general who is famous for questioning accepted climate science, said.

This administration wanted to be pro-growth and the regulation that Obama has passed is stopping it, reported The Guardian. Just like all the Obama-era standards on auto emissions were, the bill they are going to counter is not good. The clean power plan has stopped the increase of CO2 emissions.

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However, it has been on hold since 2015 because many Republican legislators and states plus about 100 companies want it to stop. With the new law that Trump is going to sign, they will bring back jobs while reducing the cost of electricity with coal mining, USA Today stated

People have always looked down upon pro-growth and pro-jobs as an anti-environment, that should not be the case. People can be all the three of it, Pruitt said. The environment is progressing, we can now be pro-jobs and pro-environment, he added. Since Obama's regulations are very anti-fossil fuel and coal mining, it would be very hard to be pro-jobs without those, Pruitt also said.

Meanwhile, Pruitt does not really believe that CO2 are one of the main reasons for global warming and climate change even though scientists, time and time, have confirmed it. The Trump administration will have jobs restored and the environment will not be affected with the new law.

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