Australia Boycotts Nuclear Weapon Talks Like U.S.

By Jaswin S. Singh | Mar 28, 2017 05:59 AM EDT

Australia has followed the United States plan to boycott the newly created global treaty to ban the nuclear weapons. The land down under is the only country in its continent and that side of the Earth to boycott the nuclear weapon treaty.

Australia will join the U.S., Britain, and France that will not be following the new treaty worldwide. The other three countries are among the countries that have nuclear weapons. There are almost 40 countries that agree with Australia and the other first three countries who don't want the ban to happen. The treaty will "legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination", according to the UN

The United Nations, on Monday, will start the talks about the ban because of North Korea and its nuclear missiles' threat to the world. There are about 113 countries that will join the talks about the nuclear weapon ban. It has begun in New York headquarters but the country, U.S. is very much against it, The Guardian reported. "We would love to have a ban on nuclear weapons but in this day and time we cannot honestly say that we can protect our people by allowing the bad actors to have them and those of us who are good trying to keep the peace and safety not to have them," said the U.S. Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley.

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The countries that have nuclear weapons, U.S., China, France, Britain, Russia, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea all opposed the ban treaty. Australia, which recently said they opposed the ban too, said the country do want a nuclear-free world. However, if the countries that have the very thing that they will ban and do not follow the treaty, it will not be followed at all, stated The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Australia is committed to the goal of a world free of nuclear weapons, pursued in an effective, determined and pragmatic way," said a spokeswoman for the Foreign Affairs department. There is indeed a dangerous threat concerning the nuclear weapons but nothing will be solved if the countries that have them do not participate in the treaty. Australia will face this challenge in a more political and practical way, said Tasmanian ALP Senator Lisa Singh.

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