India May Be The Answer To Trump's World Climate Pact Turnaround

By Kumar Rahul (KR) | Apr 13, 2017 03:50 AM EDT

India has been traditionally a country inclined towards the usage of fossil fuel for running its industries. This has led it to become one of the countries with the highest carbon emission rate. However, this scenario is currently changing with India gradually shunning the usage of fossil fuel.

According to the Los Angeles Times, over the last two years, India has abandoned a number of major coal-related projects. It has also announced to increase its usage of renewable energy thrice the current scenario by 2022. It is evident from these activities that India is taking the climate change that is happening globally in a very serious way.

On the other hand, when a country like India, which is ranked third in the world when it comes to the use of thermal power to run the lion's share of its industrial machinery, is taking the pledge to reduce carbon emission, US President Donald Trump is looking to invest more money in fossil fuel. He has also threatened to pull out of the Paris Agreement signed in 2015. The aforementioned agreement is an amendment requiring signatories like India to find out ways to curb the greenhouse gas emissions, which is deemed a major inducer for the rising of temperatures globally.

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According to The Economist, President Trump's recent decision has been termed as drastic by the environmentalists. As per them, while the investment in fossil fuel will increase job opportunities, it will cause major damage to the already blemished climate. They appreciate the stand that India has taken in the battle against climate change.

Reportedly, the Indian government has announced that it does not need any more power stations ran by coal in the forthcoming decade. The current government has promised to deliver 175GW of renewable power by 2022. Given that the chance for the initiative is looking weak, the efforts have been much appreciated globally.    

The favor towards coal power shown by the current American government is looking to induce climate change. On the other hand, India's stand against the usage of fossil fuels is attracting a lot of appreciation globally. 

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