North Carolina Takes A U-Turn, Set To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

By Kumar Rahul (KR) | Apr 14, 2017 01:44 AM EDT

In the latest buildup, North Carolina has brought in a bill which will ban the people of the same sex from marrying each other. As per sources, three conservative Republican state legislators from North Carolina introduced the bill.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the North Carolina bill dubbed the "Uphold Historical Marriage Act", comes up with the argument that every individual state should have the right to make their own law regarding marriage between people of the same gender. This bill opposes the declaration by the US Supreme Court which it made in 2015, settling the long drawn legal debate over the right of people from the same sex to get married. The Supreme Court ruled it as the fundamental right of the people.

Opponents of the legislation have labeled banning of same-sex marriage as an unnecessary step. They opine that this will create more division among the people of the state, who has already fallen out on another controversial bill brought in regarding which bathroom should be used by transgender people. Democrats of the state have already voiced their protest against the bill saying that North Carolina needs more steps to be taken in order to provide LGBT protections.

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According to the Washington Post, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said in a statement that much before the same-sex marriage agitation, the controversial transgender bill has been dealt with and will not be heard in the house anymore. The bill, also known as House Bill 780, has been played down, bringing a much-needed relief to the LGBT community of North Carolina.

Other than North Carolina, there has been acts of high defiance against the same-sex marriage law brought in by the US Supreme Court in other states like Alabama and Kentucky. In Alabama, the chief justice of the Supreme Court Roy Moore was suspended for telling the probate judges not to give license to same-sex marriages. Kentucky saw a county clerk being jailed on account of non-agreement with the Supreme Court's order to provide a license to same-sex marriage.

The American Civil Liberties Union also spoke in terms of the NCAA's recent decision to resume championship games in North Carolina, which was earlier withdrawn given the same-sex brawl. No reactions from the lawmakers listed as the sponsors of the bill have come in as of yet. 

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