Technology That Uses Light Instead Of Electricity To Transmit Data And Information Revealed

By Wil P. | Apr 19, 2017 07:25 PM EDT

As technology is growing faster nowadays, people are eager to search for means to have it more enhanced. People tend to be not satisfied and want a better version of the current technical knowledge that we already have. Latest news is now spreading that a new kind of technology that can transmit data and information that uses light instead of electricity was revealed recently.

For the past decade, experts and researchers did not stop of looking for a high-end innovation that can be an offer to the general public. Looking at the products from the past up to this present time, a lot has been changed in terms of features and functionality. And now, experts found a technology that involves light that is connected to moving data and information.

According to Digital Trends, researchers from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada hope that technology they've discovered will make information travel faster and more efficiently with the help computers basic component, the RAM. RAM or random-access memory is a computer part that stores frequently used the program to help increase the general speed of an operating system.

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Researcher revealed that they will be using a material they called light-induced magnetoresistive RAM (LI-RAM) that will "allow computer chips to exist at a molecular level". The said material will reduce the power consumed and minimize the heat of PC processor today. Experts say that this innovation will change a lot from the perspective of technology.

HEXUS further added that the LI-RAM could be one of the biggest breakthrough discovery on technology this year. The new material is designed to run faster, more durable and most economical memory for devices like personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices. An expert also says that the material has an extraordinary quality of quickly changing magnetic properties when hit by a green light.

With that reason, LI-RAM uses only ten percent less power than the existing RAM, emitting practically no heat aside from being durable and faster. But what separate this RAM to a regular RAM is it uses light rather than electricity. It means that transmitting data and other information will be quick and cost-effective in the process.

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