Total Solar Eclipse Of 2017 Is Less Than 100 Days Away From America

By Rik Sarkar | May 14, 2017 07:22 PM EDT

It’s time for the countdown as the total solar eclipse of this year is getting closer. On 21st August 2017, the sun will totally disappear for some time across America and it is less than 100 days away.

CNN has reported that the citizens of Portland, Oregon, Charleston, and South Carolina will get the better opportunity to witness the amazing total solar eclipse. They will also experience the Sun to be turned off for a certain amount of time. Weather experts and scientists described this event as the “Great American Eclipse”.

According to FOX 8, American citizens last witnessed such total solar eclipse on June 8, 1918. That time the eclipse crossed from DC to Florida. So, it’s been almost 99 years the eclipse crossed the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

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A total solar eclipse happens only when the Moon completely covers the sun entirely. The Moon will pass between the Sun and the Earth during the celestial event and it would keep the sun block for one and half hour. The Moon would cast two types of shadow while blocking the sun.

These two shadows are called the umbral and penumbral shadow. Umbral shadow is the small and direct shadow where peoples will feel the intense darkness of the eclipse, while the penumbral shadow is partial. Kansas City, Nashville and St. Louis peoples have a chance to enjoy the total solar eclipse completely. It would be a great opportunity for the space enthusiasts to be part of this rare event.

Although, the eclipse would be visible from every corner of America, but still peoples are booking hotels and holidays st those selected cities. NASA has planned to telecast the real-time footage of the eclipse so that every people from elsewhere in the world can see the total solar eclipse.

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