Scientists Have Solved The Mystery Of Blue Bright Flashes Coming From The Earth's Solid Surface

By Amit Meta | May 17, 2017 04:53 PM EDT

NASA again proved that there is no supernatural power exists in the world. Everything has a scientific explanation. Recently, they solved the mystery of blue bright flashes coming from the Earth's solid surface.

NOAA's deep space climate observatory detected one such phenomenon incredibly bright flashes apparently coming from Earth's solid surface. Scientists noticed the flashes of light which occurred hundreds of times over the span of a year, USA Today reported.

In 1993, project scientist at NASA Alexander Marshak said, flashes of light reflected off the ocean could be easily explained as the Sun reflecting off the ocean. But the researchers noticed flashes in areas where there was no water. Now experts think they may have unsheathed the cause that is flecks of high-flying ice crystals in the atmosphere glinting in the Sun.

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To explain the phenomenon they looked for a hidden source of water to explain the sun glint. According to them, ice crystals floating high in temperature. Further investigating revealed that 866 of those light bursts had occurred between mid-2015 and mid-2016.

Based on the latest report by CBS News, the scientist reasoned if these 866 flashes were caused by reflected sunlight they would to limited to certain sports in the globe. Moreover, when the angle between the Sun and Earth is the same as the angle between the Earth and satellite camera would light from these ice crystals bounce directly onto the camera and produce bright glints.

In addition, the flashes occurred only at times and locations on Earth where these angles matched. Actually, the light was not coming from Earth. Now researchers plotted a theory, they said whenever these glints occurred thin wispy clouds, known as cirrus clouds hovering high in the atmosphere.

Cirrus clouds are actually composed of supercooled ice crystals. After detail calculation lead scientist Alexander Marshak uttered that the source of the flashes is defiantly not on the ground it is horizontally aligned ice crystals.

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