Comet V2 Johnson Will Be Visible To Earth This May Until June 2017, Details Here

By N. Gutierrez | May 24, 2017 01:39 AM EDT

After some comets named 41P Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák, 2P/Encke, 45P Honda-Markov-Padjudašáková, C/2015 ER61 PanSTARRS and C/2017 E4 Lovejoy passed Earth, another is slated to show itself to the people starting this May as well. The hyperbolic comet known as Comet V2 Johnson was said to be visible and will be at its brightest on June 12.

According to Daily Caller, Comet V2 Johnson was also known as C/2015 V2 was said to be discovered by Jess Johnson last November 3, 2015, through the use of the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) located in Tucson, Arizona. The comet was said to be most visible on June 6 as it meets its closest approach to Earth while it is said to reach perihelion outside Mar’s orbit on June 12. In which, it will be a southern hemisphere object in late July.

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With that said, the Comet V2 Johnson’s closest approach to Earth was identified to be at its maximum elevation of 63 degrees from latitude 30 degrees north. The comet was then deemed to be no harm to Earth. People could view the comet using binoculars starting this May but it will reach full naked eye brightness in early June.

The comet was mentioned by astronomers to be ejected in the solar system by the sun’s gravity after a brief flyby. Aside from that, it was said that U.S. citizens won’t see Comet V2 Johnson for too long. However, people living in areas in the Southern Hemisphere could still witness the comet until late July as Phys Org reported.

The Comet V2 Johnson was also stated to be visible this week as it passes between Corona Borealis and Bootes. Aside from Comet V2 Johnson, this upcoming May 25 is also known to be the best time for comet hunting as well. The reason was its New moon covering up the dark skies and which is also known to mark the start of the Islamic month of Ramadan.

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