VLA Discovers The New Supermassive Black Hole in Cygnus Galaxy

By Menahem, Zen | May 24, 2017 04:15 PM EDT

The Very Large Array (VLA) radio astronomy observatory in New Mexico has discovered an object near the supermassive black hole in Cygnus A galaxy. This new object is a bright one near the core of the galaxy.

Cygnus A is the first radio galaxy ever found and the most active radio galaxy in space. Recently, the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in New Mexico discovered a new object near the Cygnus A that surprised astronomers. The object looks like a new supermassive black hole in Cygnus A.

The VLA focused on the Cygnus A for the first time in two decades. As the astronomers observe the galaxy, they found the big surprise with the new object, according to the official release from National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). The object is either a new supermassive black hole in Cygnus A or a very rare type of supernova explosion.

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The galaxy Cygnus A is a very well-known one, and astronomers have studied it very often. However, the new finding of a possible new supermassive black hole in Cygnus A has shown that it continues to evolve according to the astronomers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Rick Perley.

Perley and his colleagues observed the galaxy in 2015 to 2016, as reported by Astronomy Magazine The object, which is considered to be the new supermassive black hole in Cygnus A was not visible in the previous observation. However, after the VLA was upgraded in 2012, astronomers decided to look into the Cygnus A, as they spotted a new object within 1,500 light-years of the galaxy’s supermassive black hole

"We didn’t look at Cygnus A again until 1996," Perley said after the discovery of a new supermassive black hole in Cygnus A. “To our surprise, we found a prominent new feature near the galaxy’s nucleus that did not appear in any previously published images."

Since it was first discovered in 1939 by Grote Reber, Cygnus A has captivated many astronomers to study it further. This recent finding of a new supermassive black hole in Cygnus A has given a new insight into this radio galaxy

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