Marmoset Monkeys Learning Techniques Similar To Human Infants

By Piyali Roy | May 28, 2017 07:14 PM EDT

A child's chatters begin to sound like discourse more rapidly in the event that they get vocal criticism from grown-ups. Princeton University scientists have found a similar sort of input speeds of the vocal improvement of infant marmoset monkeys, in the main confirmation of such learning in nonhuman primates.

According to, the research was conducted to see the truth behind the theory that monkeys do not learn anything while their vocal development in under process. And for this observation, marmoset monkeys were picked up for the research where the scientists found that the vocal development of these marmoset monkeys is very closely paralleled to the prelinguistic vocal development in humans.

Despite the fact that marmoset vocal calls don't approach the intricacy of human dialect systems, vocal improvement in both species starts with infants making pretty many irregular sounds. When a human infant blurts out something, parents respond and if it continues very often, the human infant can develop its vocalizations very faster. Scientists carried out experiments to see whether the same principle is applied on marmoset monkeys.

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Science Daily reported that the research study on marmoset monkeys was published in the journal Current Biology on May 25, 2017. There were past studies conducted as well on the vocal development of marmoset monkeys to find a correlation between the amount of feedback the marmoset infants get from their parents and the rate of their vocal development. The recent study establishes the relation more firmly.

The research study on the vocal development of marmoset monkeys will be continued. Researchers will now collect more information on the neural activity of the marmosets at the time when they are talking or calling to the neighbors. Despite the fact that marmosets can't "talk" similarly humans do, understanding marmoset correspondence may help us comprehend the advancement and improvement of speech.

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