Molecular Type 'Black Hole' Generated By Scientists Thru The World's Most Powerful Laser Beams

By Cristina Limpiada | Jun 04, 2017 10:00 AM EDT

A molecular type black hole was generated thru the efforts of scientists and the help of the world's most powerful laser beams. However, unlike the usual black hole, the molecular type is a lot different.

With the use of the world's most powerful laser beams, the black hole can now be generated in an artificial way, Gadgets360 reported. A molecular black hole that consists of heavy atoms is generated thru the efforts of the scientists.

According to Space Daily, the scientists from the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has worked on the full intensity of the world's most powerful laser beams on a small molecule. Afterward, the single yet intense laser beam stripped all of the molecules from the inside. Then, while observing the activity of the laser beams, the scientists have noticed that the void started to pull in the electrons from the rest of the molecule, like a spiraling black hole.

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Accordingly, the experiment is the first time that the world's most powerful laser beams had been used just to break molecules. Specifically, the scientists used a shot of iodomethane (CH31) and iodobenzene (C6H5I) molecules along with the world's most powerful laser beams.

Furthermore, the scientists have noticed an outstanding performance of the variables compared to the previous experiment results. The molecule had lost more than 50 electrons within just 30 femtoseconds or millionths of a billionth of a second.

In other words, Assistant Professor at Kansas State University, Artem Rudenko explained how the process goes, "As the world's most powerful laser beams hit a molecule, the heaviest atom, the iodine, is able to absorb more of the laser light than all other atoms." Rudenko added, "Most of its electrons are stripped away, creating a large positive charge on the iodine."

The significance of the experiment and generation of the molecular type black hole through the application of the world's most powerful laser beams is seen on experiments that will image individual biological objects like bacteria and viruses. Additionally, it will be used in the study of the behavior of matter in certain extreme conditions.

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