Critics Quick Judgment On President Trump's Paris Accord Withdrawal Premature, Other Countries Unwilling To Foot Bill Where US Left Off

By Lester Mondragon | Jun 08, 2017 01:26 AM EDT

Most critics and analysts quick judgment seem to sway in the direction of being against President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Some say that Trump does not embrace the knowledge of climate science while others view him as someone who does not care about what is going to happen to the world as long as he protects Americans by putting them first.

In Trump's speech last June 1, 2017, he reiterated that the climate change financial commitment made by the Obama administration is so unfair for the Americans. The United States has a previous commitment of $3 billion for the financial battle against climate change which $1 billion of the amount was already released to the Paris Agreement organization on climate change. Critics quick judgment comes into play considering that only the US transferred the amount.

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According to the Conservative House, Nations at the helm of the Paris Accord are balking at the prospect to foot the financial void that the US government left off. Countries like China, Russia, and India have no money transfers for the climate change secretariat yet compared to the $1 billion paid off by the US. Germany and Japan have monetary commitments, but no money transfers are in effect yet.

WUWT reports that the critics' quick judgment on Trump sympathizes with the United Nation's Special Envoy for Cities on Climate Change, Michael Bloomberg, in his offer to pay the operating expenses of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Bloomberg will be putting his own money worth $15 million to the Executive Secretariat Green Fund.

Trump also said in his speech that he will talk with the Paris Accord leaders and will try to renegotiate deals that are fair and just to the American people emphasizing on the issue to put the American populace first. Critics are quick on their judgment and analysis to make comments when annotating Trump's withdrawal talk, reports National Public Radio.

For other analysts, no, Trump did not embrace the political finances of climate change. And yes, it all matters for the American people.

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