Ravens Math Genius John Urschel Says "Not Playing Football Is Not An Option"

By Joshua Rarrick | Mar 24, 2015 06:13 PM EDT

John Urschel is a key player for the Baltimore Ravens football team. He is also an accomplished chess player and a brilliant mathematician. In a recent article in the Players' Tribune Urschel talks about Chris Borland's decision to retire from the NFL at 24 due to a concern over long term brain injury.

Borland's decision has been both praised and criticized by fans and reporters. Some people have called him "soft" for deciding not to play next season. Others have lauded him as being sensible and smart. Urschel says "I envy Chris Borland."

John Urschel maintained a 4.0 grade average at Penn State University, and he holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in mathematics. He has been published multiple times in major mathematical journals, such as Scienpress and his work is well respected in his field. So, why does he play football?

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He explains why he plays football in his article on the Players' Tribune. " I play because I love the game. I love hitting people." He says the thrill of walking onto the field and giving his all for his team can't be matched anywhere else.

Urschel admits that if he was completely objective about his career choice he would have to concede that it's not the best option. He could have a very decorated career as a mathematician. However, at this point in his life he has no desire to stop playing football.

As a player he is a tower of strength for the Ravens' offense. As an individual he is a kaleidoscope of talent, strength, and pure genius. It looks like the NFL is in no danger of losing his skill in the near future, and he continues his mathematical research in his spare time.

What do you think about contact sports? Should there be more concern for the players' safety, or should we revert to the "good ol' days" of leather helmets and little to no pads? Give your opinion in the comments below!

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