Become Curious With "The Diary Of A Teenage Girl"

By Charissa Echavez | Aug 31, 2015 10:54 PM EDT

A graphic novel turned into a play and finally adopted into a movie was making waves with the indie film industry with The Diary of a Teenage Girl. This controversial movie has premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and Sony Pictures Classics had bought film rights which had a limited release only in on August 7th.

The movie is a coming of age film about the sexual awakening of a 15-year-old girl aspiring cartoonist named Minnie in the '70. She lives with her hippie mother Charlotte who was dating Monroe, a 35-year-old stoner. Minnie developed a sexual relationship with Monroe and that was the start of her discoveries of herself. She began recording everything in her audio diary, starting on the day she lost her virginity.

The scandalous acts of drugs and drinking, unprotected sex and exploration, prostitution;  twisted adult influences on the younger generation, at a time in 1970's at the peak of Hippie and Bohemian revolution.

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The film critically acclaimed despite its unsettling story and plot, which covers the topics of sex, drugs, and pedophilia. The Diary of a Teenage girl receives amazing reviews and good ratings from IMDB with 7.0% and Rotten Tomatoes with 93%. It won the Best Feature Film in Berlin International Festival and the Best Cinematography Award in Sundance Film Festival.

This movie, even with the disturbing plot, tackles the truth that every 15-year-old, or the time we lost our own virtues and innocence because of curiosity. At the end of the film, we would see Minnie, and we realized that through the things that she had done she remains an innocent girl, just curious and now more equipped to see the world in a different way.

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