Fertility Calculator Shows Ideal Age For Women Who Wants Big Family

By Gecerein Sayen Ocampo | Sep 15, 2015 02:13 AM EDT

Ninety percent success. A computer model tagged as IVF has suggested if a woman wants a big family, she must start as early as 23-year-old. If she aims for two, she can make it by 27 and if she wants only one child, she can start at the age of 32. The result is based from data and not from a personal prediction, according to British researchers.

The findings are supported from the fertility records of 58,000 women over three centuries up to the 1970s. The study added that over the past forty years, the average age for women in Britain to have their first child is now 28.

The study added that IVF could help in decision making. However, without the model, women have 50 percent chances of having one child if she starts at the age of 41 and having two children at 38.

According to David Keefe from New York University Langone Medical Center, the model could be very helpful, but it is not applicable to every woman because of some variations.

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Cited in, Ulla Waldenström of Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden said, "In general, young people are very optimistic about their reproductive potential." She added that they [young people] have a stronger faith in reproduction technologies, although it is not guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Jody Day, founder of a support network for the childless dubbed as Gateway Women stated in The Australian News, "the reality is that by the mid-30s things get quite dicey. It's a very tall order. Women have moved into a pattern of work created over the years around men and it's not really suited to them."

Jody added that women have a short period of time before starting a family -from going to school, getting a job until they establish their profession and financial security.

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