Twitter's Two New Tool Offerings For App Developers And Publishers

By Anna Amad | Oct 23, 2015 06:30 AM EDT

The micro-blogging company Twitter now offers two new apps for customization enthusiasts. This set of new products enables the publishers and developers to use customization and tweets with much ease for their intended sites. The company released this new environment for embedded tweets during the Flight developer conference.

In the new environment, existing features like TweetDeck and Curator are still present. These products aided the publisher in selecting which tweets should be included in their content. Michael Ducker of tweeter said that "the tools used for creating its moments is more likely the same to the tools used in the new ecosystem." Creation of its moment is a feature used for pulling tweets toward big news, headlines, trends and current popular stories.

The two new tools Publisher and Curator help publishers' and developers' lives greatly when it comes to customization of tweets the way they wanted them to be. The tool publishes used for news outlets to customize the look of tweets embedded in the publisher site. Now, users can finally create collections with themes and single out every tweet that is needed by the site manually or automatically via an application.

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Curator acts as a filter control, which is more advanced than what is already offered by the micro-blogging site. It also enables the publishers to find the most relevant tweets that they needed for their sites, plus the addition of the analytical feature to capture and provide information on the latest trending topics on Twitter.

By all means, both tools gave freedom to both publishers and developers for their choice of customization. According to Ducker, both tools also use for a Moment.

Senior product manager Mollie Vandor stated in a report that they are with their new ecosystem, they have simplified the storytelling process. He also added that with the collaboration of companies like SpredFast, Wayin, Dataminr, Flowics and Scribble Live, it is now easier to locate and designate the tweets the user needed for a single story.

Apparently, Twitter aims to use embedded tweets for the benefit of the publisher businesses. Twitter also announced the partnership with JCDecaux.

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