NVIDIA Relaunched Its Shield Tablet K1

By Anna Amad | Nov 18, 2015 04:50 AM EST

It has been a long time since the NVIDIA released the next version of its Shield tablet line of devices. The company apparently launched the Shield tablet and reintroduced it as Shield Tablet K1 this year, which contains some new alterations from their previous opening last year that have some negative feedbacks for its battery issues. The company is trying to make its entry with the new and improved Shield Tablet K1.

The Shield Tablet K1 did not undergo many changes in its physical features and considered as a slightly refreshed 2014 model, but there are some notable alterations made by NVIDIA, which makes it more complementing. The device runs with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, which can be upgraded to Marshmallow as announced by the company. The specs support an 8-inch display with 1920 x 1200 LCD resolution that is capable of producing crisp display that can create a neat color reproduction. Under the hood is a powerful Tegra K1 quad core at a 2.2 GHz 192-core Kepler GPU processor. This processor is more than competent of handling heavy applications coupled with 2 GB of RAM that ensures a lag-free experience for users. It also has an internal storage of 16 GB and expandable through a micro SD. The K1 supports a plunging 5 megapixel shooter in both front and rear cameras.

NVIDIA made a complete change in the technology market and retails the device separately with the alteration of the removed direct Stylus. The tablet Shield K1 has a built-in processing power that outweighs its physical looks.

The tablet is being offered at £150 that is £90 lower than its predecessor. The Shield tablet was considered as one of the top of the line gadgets last year and is making its round again in this year's more congested market of high-quality devices.

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