Tech-Powered Tattoo Can Measure Vital Biometrics

By Charissa Echavez | Nov 26, 2015 09:43 PM EST

Tattoo embracing the advent of technology is no stranger to people. Remember the body art that unlocks smart phones by Motorola or the research that uses sweat to generate power? These are just some of the examples.

Another breakthrough of combining technology and tattoo is coming. A team known as Chaotic Moon invented a tech-powered skin emblem that went beyond merely body expression to a fitness tracker. Although still in its development stage, the tracker called Tech Tat can reportedly monitor vital biometrics.

In an interview, the great minds behind Tech Tat revealed that the tattoo works by connecting different sensors, battery and transfer components using an electro-conductive paint material. Perceiving its success, this one-of-its-kind invention will soon be able to check a person's vital signs like heart and pulse rates.

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With Chaotic Moon recently acquired by international firm Accenture this year, they assured Tech Tat is real, and the making is in progress. "The Tech Tat is an actual working prototype, we are continuing to develop this both conceptually and physically. And we're making interesting new discovers and applications every week," Chaotic Moon CEO Ben Lamm said.

The company's video stated they are "excited to bring [the Tech Tats] to you in the near future." As to when this will be, Lamm answered, "We can't conjecture about when people could get their hands on one. Typically, we will explore the best partners that would help us get Tech Tats to the consumer."

Meanwhile, the company that is more known of unfolding prototype than direct selling is also behind the flying taser drone and flame throwing drone. "The flame throwing drone was about us cracking open an open-source drone in order to domesticate the modularity of the tech, beyond using it for video," Lamm said. "It also could spray paint hard to reach places, and shot silly string."

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