Fossil First Android Wear Watch Q Founder

By Anna Amad | Nov 27, 2015 03:15 AM EST

Intel and Fossil have been working for a smart watch for some time now and have recently announced the availability of their first Android watch, the Fossil Q Founder. Since most of the classic watch companies have made a bold transition to smart watches, the company has also found an opportunity to join the very close race.

Unlike most of the smart watches today born from technological giant companies like Samsung, Asus and Apple, the Q Founder comes from a genuine watch manufacturing company. The Q founder has an Intel atom processor and a RAM that is not yet disclosed by the company. It has a 4 GB internal storage and a 400 mAh battery, which is capable of running the device up to a full day of usage.

The device physically has a circular flat design like most of the traditional watch designs, which makes it look genuine and elegant at the same time. It runs on the Android wear operating system, which makes the device compatible with both Android and iOS devices in the market.

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The Fossil company has also added some original features in the operating system. The Fossil Q app provides the device with original customization options, which are provided by Fossil. It also has a built-in fitness tracking app and an added Q curiosity app, which is only exclusive for Q Founder devices. The device actually has IP67 rated water resistance for a long-lasting endurance. The stainless steel strap also adds to the elegance and classical look of the Q Founder.

The Fossil Q Founder is a whole lot cheaper. It is tagged at USD $295, and that is just a little bit higher than most of the smart watches offered in the market today. But given its elegantly classic design and exclusive apps and features, it is really worth the money.

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