Samsung Gear VR: The Closest Thing To Virtual Reality

By Anna Amad | Nov 27, 2015 03:34 AM EST

The Korean giant tech company Samsung Corporation has supplied the world with their high-end smartphone 0073 and wearables. With these innovations introduced by the company, views on mobile devices will never be the same. There were also Apple, Sony and LG in the picture, but Samsung based on sales has been dominating the market today. The company introduced its version of Virtual Reality device, which is the Samsung Gear VR, in partnership with Oculus.

The Japanese anime Sword Art Online has shown the world a very different and innovative way of experiencing online gaming environment. Oculus and Samsung have taken an interest in the way the animated series make believe the technology. The main character in the anime used a virtual reality gear that allows the user to transfer his consciousness to the virtual world while his physical body remains sleeping in the real world.

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Unfortunately, Samsung's Gear VR doesn't exactly work that way. The device allows the user to watch 360 degree angle of a movie or any videos or games. It needs a host device or phone because the device itself is only composed of lenses that give the user a great viewing experience. Only a number of Samsung Galaxy devices like S6, S6 Edge and Note 5 can fit perfectly in the gear, since the consumer-ready version of Gear VR is way lighter than its original design.

Gear V2 is also built for comfort with foam padding covering the surfaces that touch the user's face. The glasses of the device are also adjustable, making it easy for the user to adjust to a desired viewing angle. It has a built-in gyroscope accelerometer and proximity-based sensors that maximize the overall performance of the device. Once the mobile device is in place, it automatically loads the Oculus home that allows the user to choose the different applications offered by the device.

It may not seem as close as the fictional nerve gear, but Gear VR is the closest thing there is to a virtual reality experience. The newer and better Samsung Gear VR has better ergonomics than its predecessor, and it also has a great variety of added features. The Samsung Gear VR is now offered at USD $99.

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