Mozilla Releases New App To End Ad Blocking Problems

By Anna Amad | Dec 10, 2015 11:48 PM EST

Mozilla just revealed its latest ad blocking application for IOS users. It is the latest one in the series of developments and innovations made by The Mozilla Foundation.

Focus by Mozilla, is a new product that allows IOS gadget users to select the ads that they want to block. It also features the capability to block third-party web plug-ins that transmit data back to their company with users knowing it. It is the latest effort in the fight of diminishing the number of intrusive ads and other shady Internet software that can potentially harm the user.

Focus was released on Dec. 8, 2015 in the Google App store for free. It is made possible through the content blocking feature of the IOS 9. Although it is not the traditional ad blocker that most iPhone consumers are used to, Focus gives its users an 'invisibility cloak' as it doesn't let the suspicious ad links track their IP Address. However, those ads that don't do tracking activity can still get through.

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The Mozilla Foundation Vice- president Mr. Nick Nguyen proudly presented Focus as their very first effort. He explained how proud the company is for developing this app, as it basically represents who they are as an organization.

Mr. Nguyen also pointed out the fact that other iPhone ad blockers are made only for profit. He stated that those content blockers will either charge you before you download their program or they will generate money by letting some selected ads get through.

He also explained how Mozilla is trying its best to be transparent about the things that Focus can do and can't do. According to Mr. Nguyen, that along with the app's free price, it makes Focus a good choice for ad blocking.

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