Samsung Gear S2 Gets Rave Reviews

By Anna Amad | Dec 11, 2015 04:38 AM EST

The giant tech company Samsung recently revealed its latest Smartwatch, the Samsung Gear 2. This particular unit already became a hit and went on to be one of the top holiday must-haves since its release.

New features are constantly being added as companies race to give consumers the best product. The Samsung Gear S2 definitely shows that by being the first ever smartwatch with a circular shape, it is also the first one to run on Tizen, a new OS based on Linux.

The Samsung Gear S2 already nabbed some of the year's top reviews after its release 2 months ago, mainly because this newest model comes with different features that are a bunch of firsts for different smart watches. One of the promising feature is its moving bezel.

Samsung Gear S2 is the first smartwatch to come with a movable bezel that lets the user navigate between apps, widgets and screens. It also has a sleeker design that gives it a fresh feel since the first-generation smartwatches are a little too bulky. It can also prevent the gadget from getting scratched if it ever comes to a close contact with a hard surface.

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Samsung Gear S2 also takes pride in being the most stylish watch. Its trendy designs make it look more like a very fashionable watch rather than something a tech addict would use.

According to The Verge, a tech and gadget website, Samsung Gear S2 should be an example to other developers on what a smartwatch should look like. The modern design and the removable strips are added to the great interface that it has already promised. 

Moreover, Verge also declared that Samsung Gear S2 is one of the most interesting gadgets to ever come out in 2015.

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