iOS 9.2 Features And Additions

By Anna Amad | Dec 11, 2015 04:48 AM EST

Just last Dec. 8, 2015, Apple released its newest update, the iOS 9.2. The latest development system offers a lot more features than the 9.1 version, which says a lot since the last update already offered a lot of changes.

Apple is clearly hoping to end the year with a bang, from the new iPhone battery cases that were released a few months ago up to the iOS 9.2 update. Speaking of this latest version, the iOS 9.2 offers a lot of changes especially in Apple Music. For starters, it is much easier to sync your iCloud music library with your streaming device. It is also easier to make a playlist, see your recently added list and it promises a faster download time for the whole albums.

Meanwhile, in iBooks, the new update offers a new support on 3D Touch that lets the readers take a peek on the next page. That's not all. iBooks now also supports audio books playing in the background while you are reading the list in your library or checking out other readable on the iBooks store.

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The iOS 9.2 version also comes with a couple of handy features. One of them is that the regular News App has group of its Top Stories. This newest feature allows Apple users to be updated with everyday news that are selected by the developer company's team. With the added NumberSync feature, this app allows users to connect their compatible devices using a wireless number.

Other changes include improvements in Safari's stability, better podcasts, new device support for the USB Camera Adapter to import photos and videos, Arabic support for Siri and many more.

Although there are mixed reviews about it, experts are hoping that the new Apple update will look better in the long run or at least up to the time that a new update comes.

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