‘Yo’ -- The Dumb App That No One Expected To Be A Success

By Anna Amad | Dec 11, 2015 05:08 AM EST

Ever since its release last year, the 'Yo' App has been deemed as one of the stupidest apps ever made. Due to its very limited capability, United States TV host Stephen Colbert branded it as something that is stupid and pretty much useless. But that did not stop the app from getting the attention of the public, the news about it later became viral and people started downloading. 
'Yo' is a social app developed for IOS, Windows and Android phones. It is a free application whose only function is for its users to send one another the word 'Yo,' which is in either text form or audio notification. 
The App is first released on April 1, 2014 by Or Arbel, whose main purpose for making the app is to easily get the attention of his assistant. Mr. Arbel didn't think it would be that big, until a group of investors gave them $1M seed money to develop the app. That success prompted its creator to quit his job and concentrate on developing the app. 

The app continued to grow, and it was able to catch the attention of such giants like Product Find's owner Dan Leveille. He posted the Yo app on his site a month earlier then Twitter and other publications. This move brought the Yo app to mainstream success. 

Just last June, Mr. Arbel's team created the second version of the Yo app called Yo 2.0. It came with a couple of new features such as sharing locations, pictures and links by 'Yo-ing' them. The update also lets users form group chats so they can send their "Yo's" to multiple people at the same time. 
The Yo app creator and CEO, Mr. Arbel, stated in an interview just this December that they are hoping to monetize the app by doing partnerships with famous brands. He explained that because of their newest photo and links sharing feature, companies can make money by sending the users some advertisements. 

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