Facebook Messenger Now Offers Uber Option

By Anna Amad | Dec 22, 2015 12:39 AM EST
Logo of the Uber and Facebook are seen through magnifier on display in this illustration taken

The Facebook Messenger is a spin off application from the social networking website that lets the users connect with their friends through the use of chat and call. However, it was recently announced that it can now also be used a way to call taxis.

In an announcement released last Wednesday, the social media giant announces that it has formed a partnership with the modern app-based taxi company, Uber. According to Mr. Seth Rosenberg, product manager, the newest feature allows the users of their messaging app to request a cab without having to leave a conversation. He also stated in his blog post that with the integration of Uber in Facebook Messenger, any user can now create an Uber account, request a cab, track the driver and pay for the transaction without even having to download the main app.

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This should not come as a surprise since it was rumored that Facebook was in talks with the taxi company in the summer of 2014. Other than that, Facebook Messenger also expanded its location searching options that may have probably set the stage for the arrival of Uber. The Messenger's product  lead Mr. Stan Chudnovsky has hinted before that the newest feature that the application will probably have may have something to do with transporting from one place to another.

According to the Vice President and automotive leader of the company Garnet, Mr. Thilo Koslowski, Facebook did the partnership to make the Messenger app look better. He also stated that with the addition of Uber, it had already provided a huge market for the two companies.

With over 700 million monthly users, it's no wonder why Facebook is doing its best to find ways to be more appealing to the users. The newest Uber feature can be found on the added 'Transportation' option that bears a car logo. But as for now, the newest feature is only available to select users in the United States.

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