Coca-Cola Goes ‘Prohealth’: Offers Low-Calorie and Healthier Beverage Appealing To Health Conscious Consumers

By Jezreel Smith | Feb 12, 2017 06:35 PM EST

Coca-Cola Company's desire to open its low-calorie and healthier beverage product to the overseas has failed. In order to meet the trend of consumer's choice of healthy food, the soda company has developed a line of prohealth beverages.

According to the Finance Section of Yahoo, Coca-Cola Company's goal is to appeal to health conscious consumers with the hopes of increasing profit margins and faster return of investment. However, the favor was not on their hands as currency fluctuations, sluggish international holistic economy, and pressure of the mainstream product-soda, has interrupted their continuous success as a company.

As revealed by the company's CEO Muhtar Kent, Coca-Cola is battling against macroeconomic pressures in their developing markets.  The company is actually known for their products in more than 200 countries but its market is hard to rule Latin America.

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The earnings reached 37 cents a share and have matched the analyst's estimates. Although Coca-Cola has reported a 2 percent decline during the fourth quarter this was compensated by some of its healthier beverages which roused 2 percent still.

One of the company's products, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar grew by a two-digit percentage in Western Europe and thus, the company plans to increase the distribution of the product this 2017 in the said place.  The company has really made an effort to lower the sugar content for consumer's health. Another product called Smartwater is also being pushed to new markets worldwide.

On the other hand, Natural News reported that diet soda is healthier than water. The study was personally funded by Coca-Cola Company. To arrive to conclusion, the study has reviewed more than 5,500 papers which were screened to only three papers. Two out of the three papers have not correlated either diet soda or water to weight loss. The third paper which was published by the American Beverage Association suggested that diet sodas helped people lose weight. The study however, has gained a lot of controversies and issues moreover that it was funded by a soda company.       

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