More People Are Not Aware Of Consuming Flame Retardant Chemicals

By Jaswin S. Singh | Feb 14, 2017 04:47 AM EST

Doctors are alarmed at how there are more people who have consumed the dangerous flame retardants chemicals. The number of people who has flame retardants chemicals in their body has alarmingly increased in the last decade.

The Duke University has found out that the flame retardants found in the body of 857 adults and children alike that were tested are in the class of organophosphates. Consumer Reports has stated that organophosphates were found in the urine of most of the sample. They have also steadily increased since the 2002 study.

Flame retardants are created and used by companies to make their products more resistant to fire.  They are in a number of different products like upholstered furniture, car seats, computers, TVs, baby toys, clothing, nursing pillows, and plastics food containers. These flame retardants chemicals are needed by many companies to meet their required quota by federal or the state flammability standards. However, not all the products are actually required to have these toxic chemicals in them.

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Since 2004, the other type of flame retardants called pentaBDE was phased out; many manufacturers have used organophosphates to their products. According to Green Science Policy, organophosphates are no better. Organophosphorous flame retardants contain phosphorous bonded to carbon. Many of them have raised the same health and environmental concert like pentaBDE.

They have caused diseases like cancer and other illnesses. They are also very harmful to the environment as they are long-lasting and cannot be broken down to safer chemicals. Many organophosphates are also incorrectly tested for safety. They also provide doubtful fire security benefits as used in some products.

The researchers at Duke University have advice people to simply avoid the flame retardants chemicals. Though it is very hard to do so, there are many ways to do it. When buying new furniture, one should check for a tag about flame retardants chemicals. An individual can also ask the salesperson about it.

Organophosphates and other flame retardants chemicals might be phased out soon too after more thorough research is done. Scientists are still finding out the disease and illnesses it will bring if consumed at a specific amount. 

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