3000 Years Old Bronze Age Rare Spearhead Sword A 'Find Of A Lifetime'

By Ankan sarkar | Feb 19, 2017 10:19 AM EST

Archaeologists made a remarkable history by founding bronze aged sword from the Scottish construction site. They have named this “find of a lifetime” and it was a gold-decorated spearhead sword. That sword was almost 3,000 years old and it was found at the remarkable good condition.

A group of archaeologists from GUARD Archaeology fond those artifacts during an archaeological evaluation on a field in Carnoustie. That site in Scotland was acquired for the construction of two football fields. According to Gizmodo, those artifacts were found inside a pit that was closed to a bronze aged settlement that was currently extracted by archaeologists.

A lead archaeologist from GUARD archaeology said in a statement,“The earliest Celtic myths often highlight the reflectivity and brilliance of heroic weapons, gold decoration was probably added to this bronze spearhead to exalt it both through the material’s rarity and its visual impact”. The most exceptional thing about this finding is the gold-decorated spearhead found next to a bronze sword, a pin, and sheath fittings.

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Mail Online reported that all of the items are dated about 3,000 years old according to the report by radioactive carbon dating data. All of the items were archaeologically significant. There were some other exceptional findings that include well-preserved organic remains. The gold-decorated spearhead sword is considered as the best preserved Bronze Aged sheath ever found in Britain and it was enveloped with leather and wooden sheath.

The archaeologist also found that humans used to live at this particular spot for a long time. The excavation also revealed the evidence of largest Fur skin wrapped around the spearhead and textile around the pin and sheath. The place where humans lived is named as Neolithic hall and the building was around 4,000 years old.

GUARD archaeology team also uncovered more than 1,000 archaeological features from the area. These archaeological features include a dozen Bronze Age semi-circular houses, a pair of long Neolithic-era dwellings, and various broken pots and artifacts.

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