Solar Energy: Australia Will Be First To Introduce deX

By Piyali Roy | Feb 27, 2017 03:39 AM EST

Australia is very well known for its famous crazy inhospitable environment, but with the invention of a new technology, Australians might now be able to actually make money from the burning hot sun. Using solar energy for the digital marketplace is what Australia seems to introduce for the first time.

According to The Guardian, Australia, after this, will become the first country in the world to implement a new network of "virtual" power station. These "virtual" ones will be linked to the rooftop solar energy panels and batteries of the household together with a smart grid, which will bring a new additional energy into the system.

Australian homeowners who already have installed solar energy panels and batteries will soon be able to trade their excess electricity in a digital marketplace. A group of energy tech startups in cooperation with energy retailers, electricity providers and energy agencies have launched The Decentralized Energy Exchange (deX).

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The Decentralized Energy Exchange (deX) is a software based marketplace that is supposed to change the solar energy system in Australia. According to Tekkie, the virtual power plant could become a new norm in solar energy system as it can be implemented anywhere in the world.

This solar energy digital project is led by the Australian energy tech startup GreenSync and is also funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). Phil Blythe, the founder, and CEW of GreenSync explained in an interview with the Guardian that how Decentralized Energy Exchange (deX) is designed to change the production, trading of solar energy and how the solar energy will be consumed.

Phil Blythe gave an average number of about 1.6 million rooftops in Australia that are fitted with solar panel i.e. almost more than 15% of the house out of total population are using solar energy. And also there has been a rise in battery storage as well. This means that Australia has the highest uptakes of solar rooftops in the world per capita using solar energy. Thus to test Decentralized Energy Exchange (deX) there could be no place better than this.

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