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Breast Cancer Patients Found Longer Life in Eating Soy Foods

Mar 12, 2017 12:07 PM EDT

Soy Products for Breast Cancer Patients
(Photo : Todd's Kitchen /Youtube) Soy Products for Breast Cancer Patients

A new research was able to get the essence of soy foods/products. It has been found that soy is so beneficial to women with breast cancer.

In a report from Science News Line, a new research was found to be safe and significant for women suffering from breast cancer. The study was confirmed when the journal of the American Cancer Society published the findings.

To note, breast cancer is one of the most typical cancer encountered by women with almost 220,000 patients in the United States, Medical News Today reported. Though it may sound ironic, but breast cancer can also affect men for there is 2,000 male are diagnosed yearly suffering from breast cancer in the same country.

Meanwhile, this current research on soy products had reversed the previous studies on the effects of these soy products in women with breast cancers. That previous study stated that soy products have contents that can activate the genes of cancer patients and make it grow and spread easily.

The previous study threatened some researchers on the adverse effect of soy products to cancer patients. This is the reason why some researchers from Tufts University in Massachusetts further investigated the effect of those soy products.

According to Dr. Fang Fang Shang, the lead author of the study from Tufts University elaborated how they've became motivated in the research. Dr. Zhang along with his team examined 6,235 women living in the U.S. and Canada that are diagnosed with breast cancer to examine the controversy on the isoflavone intake.

After Dr. Zhang and his team's research, they have found out that soy products are safe. At the same time, there's a correlation between high soy consumptions and its direct effect in the decrease of mortality risk for some patients with breast cancer.

They have concluded that breast cancer patients who consumed more than the required amount of isoflavones were 21 percent safe that those who consume very small amount. The study was proven only in women with breast cancer for they have hormone-receptor-negative cancer.

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