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Introducing Japan's J-deite Quarter: the new real-life Transformer [VIDEO]

Oct 26, 2014 02:43 AM EDT


Japanese engineers have something that children of the 80's are surely longing to have: the 4-foot tall Transformer robot which has the ability to go from robot to sports car. In its vehicle form, the robot can drive up to 6 miles per hour (mph) as a two-seater car with about 1.5 inches of room clearance. In its humanoid form, it can walk at 0.6 mph.

The transformer robot is called 'J-deite quarter', and weighs 77lbs (35kg). It was unveiled at the annual Digital Content Expo in Tokyo on October 23.

J-deite doesn't walk in full stride as a real giant robot would, but waddles instead in an awkward fashion, Daily Mail reported. The addition of V-Sido is intended to give anyone the ability to control the robot. A demonstration video shows that J-deite can move its head, lift its arms and transform into its car form, and it can do all of this in just a few seconds.

According to hngn.com, J-deite is the second Transformer robot to be created by Brave Robotics developer Kenji Ishida, who introduced a desktop-sized robot in 2012 that didn't appear as one would expect a Transformer would.

Daily Mail said that the machine's creators plan to build an 8.2-ft half-scale model of the robot and finish it by 2016. The final version of the machine, which is aimed at being 16.4 ft tall, is scheduled to be completed by 2020. 

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