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Gmail Money Transfer: Now Gmail Android App Lets You Send And Receive Money

Mar 15, 2017 06:03 AM EDT


Mobile payment is increasingly becoming popular with the ease of usage and accessibility. It is now possible to send money via the Gmail App on Android devices. Till now, this feature was only available via the "Google Wallet" accessed through the desktop.

According to The Verge, the attach button on the Gmail App is generally used in order to send along photo, video or document. From now on, the users will be able to find an option to attach some money on the App as well. It is not a compulsion for the recipients to have a Gmail account. They can have the money transferred to their bank account when it is received.

Payments sent through Gmail do not incur any extra cost. This is where Gmail is having an added advantage over the other Payment Apps like Venmo or Square Cash. However, for the time being, Gmail will be operating this feature in the US only.

According to PC Mag, Gmail on Android is offering the same kind of features as its desktop counterpart. The Google Wallet is a payment system by virtue of which one person can send money to another in the US. The recipient, in this case, needs to have an email address or a phone number. Thankfully, It is not compulsory for the receiver to have a Wallet account.

In the Gmail App, the recipient is eligible to get the money without any additional Payment App needed to be installed. The money can be then transferred to the bank account of the recipient from the Gmail App. The whole operation is absolutely free of cost.

Transferring money via mobile apps and various service providers like Venmo and Square Cash is quite popular these days. Now the same service coming from a trusted company like Android is a huge bonus for the users. This feature in Gmail will also be helpful in making urgent payments regarding medical affairs, educational fees or sharing money for a common cause.

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