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Facebook "Buy" Button, Mobile Advertising News: E-Commerce Service Simplifies Shopping, Eliminates Need for Third-Party Websites

Jul 19, 2014 01:58 AM EDT

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Facebook really does want to provide it all for their users and let them perform all online activities within its website, as the social media website is now testing a "Buy" button that would allow transactions to be made without leaving the website.

The "Buy" button will let users pay for their e-commerce purchases directly from the sellers' advertisements. While the popular social media platform offers this feature to small and medium enterprises for free for now, it also said that it is not disqualifying the option of charging for it in the future, Tech Crunch reported.

The "Buy" button will perform the entire purchase flow within Facebook's domain, completely eliminating the need to visit the merchant's website, a feature which could boost conversion rates while making the social network more endearing to retailers. This feature may be used by storing the users' credit card credentials on their file with Facebook to be used again in the future or simply checkout without storing any payment information. Facebook assures its users that this is a completely safe and secure service and that they will not give out details to other advertisers, PC World reported.

Furthermore, the company hopes to give its users more comfort and security with the "Buy" button since Facebook already enjoys the same familiarity among users. The feature could encourage users to make their online purchases through the social networking site, but because it simplifies the steps of online shopping, it could increase the possibility of impulse shopping.

The new feature comes following Facebook's hiring of David Marcus, the former president of PayPal who now heads mobile messaging efforts and the development of new features. The social networking website has previously tried the service of selling physical gifts, which they have already abandoned as of last year.

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