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Microsoft Windows Vista News & Updates: Finally Support Will Be End On April 11

Mar 16, 2017 12:05 PM EDT


Microsoft will finally discontinue the support for Windows Vista on the coming month of April 11, 2017. So, the system with Windows Vista OS will have to be upgraded.

As reported in PC World, after April 11, Windows Vista will not support Internet Explorer 9 and there will be much more susceptible to security threats. "Moreover, as more software and hardware manufacturers maintain to optimize for more new versions of Windows, you can guess to encounter more apps and devices that do not work with Windows Vista," said Microsoft in its announcement.

Microsoft's operating system Windows Vista's latest market share shows that it has just 0.78 percent of the pie. And while that may just be a blip on the screen, if anyone out there is one of the users then they have about a one month to get updated and to be secured.

Microsoft Windows Vista was released in 2007 as an advanced version of Windows XP. While it was a long time coming and it failed to meet the prospect and suffered from buggy features. Therefore, instead of replacing XP, it did the exact opposite and encouraged more users to stick with the XP. Microsoft has moved on after 10 years of supporting Vista. As a result, Windows XP's market share remained strong for many years.

This lead Microsoft to work away on Windows 7 and 8 to try and get people to move away from the now unsupported XP. In spite of this history, Microsoft Vista has still been receiving critical updates all these years, as per Digital Trends.

Windows 10 is, of course, Microsoft's delight and bliss these days and obviously, the firm is pushing the last remaining Vista users to update to the flagship OS. Microsoft is steadily ending support for its older operating systems and hopes that users still lasting on Windows Vista will now move to the new Windows 10.

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