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Google Reportedly Working On 3 Successors To Pixel Phone Named After Fishes: Walleye, Muskie & Taimen

Mar 16, 2017 07:25 PM EDT


Now that Google's Pixel Android mobile phones have been out for quite a while, it's the ideal opportunity for the rumor mills to start spinning once again. A report says that google has codenamed not maybe a couple, but rather three forthcoming handsets to succeed last year's flagship models.

Droid Life report from yesterday noticed the presence of two likely Pixel follow-ups, "muskie" and 'walleye', and a later post specifies a third gadget - 'taimen'. Every one of the three is named after freshwater fish. With respect to the name "taimen," this is yet another fish or oceanic creature, much the same as the others and like all Google products that have landed over the past 6 or 7 years that it has been monitoring. It is a huge, huge fish in the trout/salmon family.

One of Droid Life's sources notes of that "taimen" will have a bigger screen compared to the other two. It isn't clear how the three gadgets will stack up against each other, due to the fact that it also previously heard that Google is working on a less expensive version of the Pixel and in addition, a feature packed waterproof high-end successor.

It would appear that bigger displays and slimmer bezels are the requests of the day in 2017, and it'll be intriguing to check whether any of Google's up and coming models embrace a 2:1 screen ratio seen on the new LG G6, TNW cited. What's more, obviously, they'll likely game Android O, which Google is anticipated to announce at its IO developer centered event in May. Yet, as with all speculations, everyone has to wait and see if its worth it.

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