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AMD's New RX Vega GPU: Specification, Price And Release Date

Mar 17, 2017 06:16 AM EDT

AMD's upcoming Vega 10 GPU
(Photo : OC3D/ Twitter) SiSoft benchmarks for AMD's upcoming Vega 10 GPU have been revealed.

Now AMD is looking forward to ruling the GPU market with their Next generation Vega graphic processor. Some latest announce claimed that Vega is actually set to compete against NVIDIA's 1080 Ti in the upcoming flagship battle. Vega is AMD's most promising product that has expected to release in first half of this year, especially in May.

AMD RX Vega GPU is modified name of Radeon graphics with significant changes in processor architecture. So according to PC Advisor, rumored RX 490 or RX 580 name is false unlike AMD RX Vega is the real name of AMD upcoming flagship. Recently in Game Developers Conference, AMD make some statement about Vega's specification but they haven't declared any official statement about the price range yet.

Though there is no clear information about the price of Vega But previous experiences suggest that AMD always keeps their promise by lowering the price. Radeon RX 480, AMD's recent flagship is significantly low in price though it not comparable with NVIDIA's flagship Geforce 1080 Ti. However, AMD's RX Vega is expected to have lower price compare to expensive £700 price range of NVIDIA's Geforce 1080 Ti.

Regarding some leaked info about the high-end models of AMD Vega 10 published in wccftech, where it will comes with 14nm GFX9 GPU base on NCU or Next-generation Compute unit design. This GPU featuring 64 Compute Units or 4096 stream processors. 

NCU is basically used to control chip performance. It means when high performance works like gaming at high end setting require only that time full chip performance exhibit otherwise only a portion of the chip is active that will draw less heat means it featured with more power efficient performance.

Consumer variant of Vega 10 model featured with an 8 GB 2nd generation High Bandwidth Memory or HBM2. HBM2 is one of the most interesting new features. Most graphics cards even including NVIDIA use GDDR5 memory. This has the drawback of a relatively narrow bus, which is offset by high memory frequencies.

The chip expects to feature with the memory bandwidth of 512GB/s. The clock speed is around 1526Mhz with 225W TDP. All versions will come with PCI Express version 3.0. However, Consumer variant may have higher clock speed but lack of cooling capabilities is one the drawbacks which may overcome by better cooling facility provided by different companies

Like Ryzen, Vega also creates a high expectation among the customers. According to AMD's press statement, they already confirmed Vega 10 expected release in the 1st half of Year. Some other leaked details also informed that the low-end version also expects to release on same day.

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