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California's Desert Blooms As Drought Ends

Mar 19, 2017 06:15 PM EDT


The deserts of southern California are blossoming with wild flowers in the last few days. This is happening because of unusually heavy winter rains, which hit the region. Anza-Borrego, which is California's biggest State Park, and Walker Canyon (found in the town of Lake Elsinore) have been covered with colorful flowers since mid-March.

Bloom is a term used to describe wildflowers that don't fall under the class of normal spring flowers. Other areas close to the Borrego valley have been blossoming with flowers for the past few days. The area is loaded with wildflowers like the red monkey, purple canterbury, poppies, desert lily and dandelions 

"What's happened in the last four or five days is remarkable. We truly haven't had this sort of a bloom since 2005. The desert has truly woken up," expressed Kathy DeMunck who is the assistant director at the Anza Borrego Desert's nature center, as per National Geographic. The range around the Henderson Canyon Road is also blooming with wildflowers. This wildflowers bloom can be defined as one of the best in several years.

There are several reasons which may have prompted to this blossoming of wildflowers on the desert scene. The heavy rains prompted to the completion of the dry season and it was trailed by frosty climate, which more likely than not bolted the dampness into the betray ground. As per Huffington Post 

Previously, Southern California families would go trekking or watch the blossoming wildflowers at Anza Borrego desert every year. But, for the last five years, it was impossible due to the dry season. Presently, after the blossoming, though, these outings or trips have started once more. People from Europe, Asia and Africa are also visiting the desert in an offer to look at this blossom, which is prompting to a ton of congestion near these regions.

The pictures of the bloom are moving on social networking sites, which has prompted to its popularity. This is also the reason why people are visiting the site from everywhere in the world. In 2016, the same sort of bloom was seen in California's Death Valley. It is described as the driest and the hottest place on Earth, yet it had been blooming with flowers.

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