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Cannabis-Possible Cure Of Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Depends If Lawmakers Would Allow

Mar 19, 2017 06:22 PM EDT


Ongoing federal opposition causes a real struggle for the cure of Alzheimer's and Dementia using cannabis. There is some evidence proving that chemicals found in the controversial herb can clear out the build-up in the brain that causes Alzheimer's and dementia.

California's powerhouse Salk Institute struggles in conducting further research regarding medical cannabis because of legal issues. According to Independent, the institute has filed an application to the US Drug Enforcement Agency regarding the use of marijuana extracts to tests on mice, however; no response was given in the current time.

Cannabis should be studied in greater detail, as stated by the lead researcher Professor David Schubert. He also revealed that availability of funds is difficult because a legal issue is a major roadblock. According to Medical News Today, dementia is a general term describing various symptoms of cognitive decline and brain disorders. Alzheimer's, therefore, is a type of dementia which is characterized by "plaques" between dying cells and "tangles" within the cells due to protein abnormalities.

A protein known as amyloid beta creates harmful plaque in the brains that can destroy nerve cells. The further mechanism of the protein in causing dementia is still unclear at the moment however, scientists believe that the protein begins to accumulate before the disease manifests. Professor Schubert and his team were able to reduce the amount of amyloid beta through cannabis.

On the other hand, another research has proved that cannabinoids found in cannabis can effectively relieve the amyloid protein build-up and cell damage, which is a manifestation of dementia. Euphoria-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol may work with the brain's natural endocannabinoids preventing cell death and fighting the build-up of the protein.

Furthermore, the United States Alzheimer's Association has revealed that cannabis is an essential area of research for the possible treatment of dementia. Salk Institute which is a very prominent research field receives funds from the US government, however; they are prohibited from using marijuana in experiments without proper authorization.

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