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Bolivian Teen With Amniotic Rope Syndrome Able To Devise Himself Robotic Hand Out Of Trash

Mar 21, 2017 01:25 AM EDT

Teen Invented his own robotic hand
(Photo : Leo Boghozian/Youtube) Teen Invented his own robotic hand

A Bolivian teen was able to make his own robotic hand. He made everything with his intellect and a piece of garbage.

A Bolivian teenage boy made himself a robotic hand by chance, Skynews reported. With the use of a broken toy car and a mixture of curiosity and high intellect, he was able to devise his own robotic hand with a 3D printer.

The 14-year-old teenager, Leonardo Viscarra stated how an incident made him realized his capability of making a robotic hand. "I threw a rock and broke a car when I was eight years old," Viscarra said.

According to My Express, Leonardo Viscarra was diagnosed with amniotic rope syndrome, a condition which placed his right arm undeveloped. Because of this, making himself a robotic hand is a brilliant idea and discovery to let him live a normal life.

The robotic arm is made from thermoplastic palm which at the moment works with nylon strings. The strings collect movement from his wrist up to the fingers. However, the robotic hand is currently incompletely untightened for it cannot even hold a bottle.

Leonardo Viscarra began his work with the robotic hand by creating a diseased synthetic hand that allows him to squeeze things. Later on, he worked on doing some mechanized version of the robotic hand thru research.

More so, Leonardo Viscarra contacted a United States' organization which afterward he found out about a US substructure that made them and they sent him an initial model of the robotic hand. However, the robotic hand is too big for Viscarra that made him became curious to make another.

Successfully he made the second model which has accurate measurements to himself. Until he finalized the second design and brought it to a Sawers Robotics Institute in the city of Bolivian, Cochabamba.

Using a 3D printer the whole new hand was printed and the pieces are fabricated and hold together using nylon thread. Leonardo Viscarra now enjoys his robotic hand, even it is not yet totally complete at only $100, compared to bionic prostheses of $15,000.

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