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Cheerios Is Giving Away Free Seeds To Help The Bees: Complaints Came Questioning The Seeds

Mar 21, 2017 01:29 AM EDT


Bees play an important role in nature. However, these mini pollinators are slowly declining. Thus, one cereal giant took the initiative to help the pollinators. Cheerios gave away 1.5 billion wildflower seeds to help the bee populations this month. The cereal brand said that depleting its supply and reaching its goal of 100 million donated seeds.

Given the good intentions of Cheerios, there are some unwanted things that happened. Of which, is that the company has sent out seeds that included for plants that supposed to be banned in some states and outright banned in others.

Thus, Lifehacker reported that the seeds include forget-me-nots that are banned as a noxious weed in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. Also, it included the California poppy that is listed as an "invasive exotic pest plant" in the southeast. Many of the seeds are not native to any parts of the United States.

Also, reports show that bees play an important role in the worldwide food supply. But, they are dying at an alarming rate. Thus, the Honey Nut Cheerios' #BringBacktheBees campaign was inspired by its bee mascot named Buzz.

In an interview, an ecologist that specializes in invasive plants, Kathy Turner said that that "many species can and have caused a great deal of damage when they are introduced into locations outside of their native range. Invasive species can out-compete the natives they encounter."

As follows, turner added that it can take up all the space and use up all the resources. It can also spread disease and cause other physical changes to their new home. It can have detrimental effects on the native species and on humans.

Meanwhile, once recipient received the wildflower seeds. They are asked to plant them in a "bee-friendly" zone. However, the officials from Cheerios said that they already ran out of seeds. But, it is good for the community., according to KCCI.

In line, Cheerios was hit on Facebook against the seed packets that the company is giving. The cereal brand has responded with the statement that pushes back at talk of invasive varieties.

Cheerios said that "The seed varieties in the mix are not considered invasive, flower varieties within the Bee Friendlier Mix were selected for their flowers which produce nectar and pollen that are attractive to bees and other pollinators."

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