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NASA's Superhero Robot Valkyrie R5 Is All Set For Mars Colonization Mission

Mar 21, 2017 06:02 AM EDT

Court Edmondson works on the team NASA robot during the DARPA Robotics Challenge
(Photo : Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

NASA has recently come up with a $2 million Valkyrie Robonaut 5 (R5), still in its test phase, to be used in a virtual simulation of landing on the Mars. The Valkyrie R5 is being developed with a view of potential usage in Mars expeditions in the future.

According to Fox News, the Valkyrie R5 has been developed as a part of NASA's Space Robotics Challenge software testing. The scientists are looking to develop the robot in such a way that it can make decisions, move around and accomplish tasks. Features like on board vision systems, bipedal locomotion, and the ability to navigate in tight spaces are being tested in the Valkyrie R5.

According to NASA, all the tests are taking place at the NERVE research site based in New England. It is a large warehouse space where the Valkyrie R5 was moved earlier. The NERVE (New England's Robotic Validation and Experimentation) research site comprises of large obstacle courses in order to put robots and drones through a test for checking their pace.

As per the reports on Russia Today, the Valkyrie R5 can play a big role in NASA's mission of colonization on Mars. Robots of its kind are being developed with the view of building necessities for human arrival on Mars. Their main job will be helping the astronauts accomplish their tasks conveniently.

The Valkyrie R5 along with 20 more robotic teams will compete against each other in the "Space Robotics Challenge" organized by NASA later this year. The winning team will win $1 million prize money.  All they have to do is repairing damages, deploy a solar panel and align communication antenna in a simulated Mars like condition after a Martian dust storm has damaged the human habitat on the Red Planet.

The NASA researchers revealed that the main objective of the Valkyrie R5 program is to facilitate collaborative as well as independent work by the robots in order to develop a better living condition for human on Mars. Besides, the Valkyrie R5 will also be used in future space explorations, said the scientists.

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