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NASA Bill Aimed Sending People To Mars, Approved By Trump Administration

Mar 22, 2017 07:58 AM EDT

Trump signed NASA bill
(Photo : Based Patriot/Youtube) Trump signed NASA bill

NASA bill of sending people to Mars is now permitted. President Trump has signed the bill and support it with billions of funds.

NASA has successfully earned the favor of President Donald Trump after it signed a bill of giving assistance for the plan of sending people to Mars, IGN reported. Trump has also set a $19.5 billion in funds for the proposed bill as support to NASA.

On the year 2013, NASA aims to send people to Mars to explore the red planet. The congress funding set by Trump administration will assist the construction of the most powerful rocket of the agency, the Space Launch System rocket.

According to Washington Post, this time, NASA won't be facing any budget cuts compared to other medical and science agencies. The funding signed by President Trump to set the rocket and add an Orion crew capsule that will sustain the mission in 2030.

Director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, Scott Pace commented, "I think it's then really more of a vote for such stability." Pace further noted the last NASA authorization bill which became fairly chaotic in 2010.

Eventually, Trump made a clear statement last Tuesday that he thinks it's best for NASA to focus on deep space exploration instead of Earth Science. "It has been such a long time since a bill like this one has been signed reaffirming our national commitment to the core mission of Nasa, space science, technology and human space exploration. We support jobs, It's about jobs," Trump said.

Additionally, the NASA Bill which was signed by Trump also includes benefits for astronauts' health care. The bill has the TREAT Astronauts Act mandating that NASA will pay for monitoring, treatment, and diagnosis of any health problems that will arise prior to the spaceflight for all astronauts even the former ones.

The NASA Bill will also relaunch the National Space Council headed by Vice President Pence. Meanwhile, the interest of President Trump is not toward on sending people to space for exploration, but, he jokingly said it's a great idea to send congress in space.

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