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Almond Crop Growers Are Experiencing a Stiff Situation As the Key Pollinator Honey Bees Face the Dangers of Fungicides

Mar 22, 2017 04:17 PM EDT


The production of the almond crop creates a great difficulty as fungicides become harmful for the honey bees. It is necessary to save the key pollinator of the nut tree.

UPI reported the latest research at the Texas A&M University that has discovered the bad effect of the fungicide iprodione. The study shows iprodine decreases the chance of the survivability of the common honey bees, Apis mellifera. It is now a clear fact that people who earn their livelihood from the almond crop are standing in a great dilemma.

Dr. Juliana Rangel, the assistant professor of the apiculture in the entomology department at the Texas A&M reveals this crucial fact. The professor unveils that the said fungicide was applied to the almond crop when the honey bees were present. The aftermath of the test revealed some significant facts.

The test result proved the bad impact of the chemical applications on the honey bees. The research team used a wind tunnel to bring the popular western bees close to the fungicides. After this exposure, the known insects were minutely monitored for ten days. It is obvious that any bad impact will create panic for the almond crop grower.

The exposed honey bees finally showed the increased rate of mortality. They were very much prone to death. The test result ultimately discovers several new facts that need to be discussed seriously, especially to continue the pollination for the almond crop. The complete research study, including the fungicide, is published in the Journal of Economic Entomology.

Phys.org reported that the exact reason behind the negative impact of the fungicide is still unknown. Some previous reports unveiled the bad effects of different pesticides on insects including the bees. A huge amount of chemical application destroys the immune system of several insects. Now it is the need of the hour to save the honey bees to acquire the best quality almond crop.

Careful research and examination are essential to keep both the honey bees and the almond crop safe. The safe application of the fungicides can only solve the said problem. It is important to understand the behavior of the pollinator before making a satisfactory solution.


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