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AMD Ryzen 7 Processors: Top 3 Most Conspicuous Issues About Performance, Video Gaming & Sales

Mar 23, 2017 01:57 AM EDT

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(Photo : Bitwit/YouTube) Two weeks after release, AMD Ryzen 7 continues to cause debates regarding its performance.

There are too many misunderstandings about how AMD's newest processor, Ryzen 7 really performs. While AMD Ryzen 7 instigated excitement, the same can be said regarding confusion, controversy and false information that surrounds this technological marvel. At any rate, here are the top 3 most common issues about Ryzen 7, taken alongside the fact.

Topping the list is the observation that AMD Ryzen 7 runs really hot, say just a fifth below the boiling point. AMD fans who purchased Ryzen 7-powered CPUs expect low thermal reading as advertised. The truth is, there are some CPU offsets that reads the temperature wrong, making Ryzen 7's reading hotter that what it should have been.

According to the official AMD blog, the best way to correct this AMD Ryzen 7 confusion is to subtract 20 degrees Celsius out of Ryzen 7 1700X and 1800X's readings. The base model Ryzen 7 1700 did not manifest an off the chart thermal reading so no need for adjustment. AMD also hopes that temperature reading software will communicate better with Ryzen 7's tCTL offsets in the future.

Here is another misinformation; most people think that AMD Ryzen 7 is the best processor for gaming, given its 8-core nature and canonical dub as "the greatest AMD processor ever." Bluntly put, Ryzen 7 should step aside against some of the best that rival Intel can offer. PC World reviews suggest that Ryzen 7 isn't as good as Intel Core i7 in several gaming scenarios. Ryzen 7 was proved to stutter on monitors that have high refresh rates, say around 120Hz or 144Hz.

Lastly, this entry is an outright urban legend. People are circulating the idea that Intel got so afraid of AMD Ryzen 7 to the point that they lowered the price tag for Intel processors. Intel themselves said that price slash rumors are inaccurate. Rumormongers went as far as circulating that Intel Core i7-6950X dropped $200 from their MSRP. Look at Amazon or eBay and double check if Core i7-6950X still has its $1,645 tag.

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