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'Anonymous' AnonGhost Hackers Disable Israeli Websites: #OpSaveGaza Hacktivist Collective Launches Campaign Against Palestinian War

Jul 23, 2014 02:29 AM EDT


Hacktivist collective Anonymous has shown its continuous cyber campaign in support of Gaza and against Israel by taking down the website of Israel's Ministry of Defense and publishing what the group claims to be leaked login details for the government website, International Business Times reports.

The campaign called #OpSaveGaza by Anonymous hackers known as AnonGhost has taken down thousands of Israeli websites including those that belong to the Tel Aviv police department.

On Monday, the group had also published a list of more than 170 email account credentials with passwords of Israeli government officials to their website. However, the government has not confirmed the legitimacy of the details.

#OpSaveGaza was started on July 7 with Anonymous posting a list of hundreds of websites that the group had allegedly interrupted. Additionally, the group has also posted a video with a message calling on others to join them in their campaign. Anonymous said that a resurgence of attacks is set for Friday.

In the video, Anonymous stated that they have been fighting with the terrorists of Israel for over four years and that they have not grown tired of it. The poster claimed that the recent events have made them stronger as they call on elite hacker groups and the Anonymous collective to once again wage cyber war against the state of Israel.

For days, the homepages of government websites have been replaced with slogans, auto-playing audio files and graphics put up by AnonGhost, according to Before It's News. One website shows the graphic of AnonGhost with a list of the usernames of 38 hackers. Another has a message in English and Turkish together with photos of the suffering Palestinians. One Israeli government website shows the logo and title "Akincilar," which is the Ottoman Empire's troops in Turkish.

This is only the beginning for Anonymous and elite hackers who plan to join their campaign in the coming days. They have previously successfully taken down high-security websites including U.S. homepages, among others.

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