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Human Cell Hack & Reprogram By Scientists Using Computer Codes Changes Its Behavior

Mar 29, 2017 12:57 AM EDT

Human Cell Reprogramming Like A Computer
(Photo : list25 / Youtube) Human Cell Reprogramming Like A Computer

Human cell behavior can now be changed using computer codes. Scientists proved that human cells can be somehow reprogrammed.

According to Wired, cells are just basically tiny computers that used to send and receive inputs as well as give necessary outputs. Over the years, biologists wanted to find out the human cell algorithm in order to control it just like a computer.

This goal has been more likely to be developed today for researchers have set human cells for an experiment. They programmed the human cells and made it logically obey 109 variety of instructions.

In a report published by Mail Online, a new method was used by scientists to perform such human cell hacking and revolutionize synthetic biology. With the use of a simple programming language and computer codes, the human cells were hacked and tweaked its functions.

The scientists have altered the DNA circuits that mimic the electronic circuits. Likewise, US bioengineers were also able to rewrite the code of bacteria and change its functions following environmental cues. A text-based programming language was also conceptualized to code new functions for the DNA of the cells.

To execute the instructions from the program, the cells will use some kind of proteins called the DNA recombinases that will be assigned to fuse segments, cut and reshuffle DNAs. Furthermore, a cell can be programmed as a NOT logic gate with the simplest instruction of "NOT doing something upon receiving the trigger."

Typically, reprogramming a human cell and altering the instructions just like a computer works with these DNA recombinase proteins. Through the NOT logic gate, the human cell would not light up the blue fluorescent but when it does not already have the enzyme, its instruction will DO light up.

In reprogramming the human cell like a computer, scientists will be able to diagnose diseases especially those which are gene related. If the cells would light up after mixing with the patient's samples of blood, then it would recognize that the patient is a disease carrier.

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