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President Trump Signed A Bill For 2017 NASA Space Exploration Team's MissionTo Mars

Mar 29, 2017 10:24 AM EDT


President Donald Trump signed the NASA space exploration funding bill that plans to dispatch people to Mars by 2030. With the bill, the Space Agency will receive financing of $19.5 billion for the monetary year 2017 to start the mission. It is stated that the administration displayed the eagerness on the proposed Mars mission and it needs to guarantee that there ought to have consistent progress in the coming years.

Trump signed the bill at his Oval Office within the sight of Mike Pence, the Vice President alongside NASA space exploration astronauts Chris Cassidy and Tracy Caldwell Dyson. "For over six decades the work of NASA has inspired most Americans to dream about the faraway world and promising future in our planet, I am very happy to sign the bill," Trump said while signing the bill. "It took very long to sign a bill like this which consoles our dedication to human space investigation and the center mission of NASA," as per Space.

Trump address that "With the bill, the people of America and the administration support the scientists, astronauts, and specialists or engineers of NASA space exploration to proceed with their efforts to discover. This also supports jobs and make a situation of continuous medical monitoring for our astronauts and timely treatment to guarantee their service," News18 stated. The bill also offers lifetime health services for the retired astronauts as well. The bill particularly said 2033 as the objective or target year for Red Planet mission.

The bill again affirms the coordinated effort with other space companies, such as Elon Musk's SpaceX and Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos by granting contracts. Strangely, Musk has officially talked about the aggressive plans of SpaceX to colonize Mars by the following decade. Not anticipated, the bill did not make any reference to the earth science efforts of NASA space exploration. Currently, Trump guided the office or agency to concentrate on space investigation than on Earth.

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