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Trump Vs. California: Governor Jerry Brown, Citizens Ready To Fight Trump Administration

Mar 29, 2017 06:56 AM EDT

California Governor Jerry Brown speaks during an event on health care at the House East Front of the Capitol March 22, 2017 in Washington, DC.
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After Donald Trump has signed the new executive order stopping Obama's Clean Power Plan, California Governor Jerry Brown has vowed to stop Trump and his administration. Brown thinks Trump is destroying the state's progress in climate change.

California has been on the rise when it comes to policies about climate change. However, after Trump signed the new order, it looks like they will have to battle for their environmental rights over the administration. "Gutting #CPP is a colossal mistake and defies science itself," California Governor Jerry Brown said in a tweet. He was referring to Obama's Clean Power Plan that helped the state fight climate change and global warming.

Trump and his thoughts about getting rid of the effects of climate change will never happen, California Governor Jerry Brown added. As the California governor decreased the greenhouse gas emissions in California by about 35 million metric tons, he wants it to even lower by 2020. Brown is not alone in this fight as the Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, joined him on Tuesday, Phys.org reported. "No matter what happens in Washington, we will work to meet our Sustainable City Plan goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050, move toward zero emissions transportation, and pursue our vision of a 100 percent clean energy future," the mayor said.

In the 70s California has experienced a massive smog plague, specifically in Los Angeles, Yahoo stated. After the event happened, the state has applied strict rules about their cars and now they have more than half of the plug-in electric cars in the country. However, the federal government and California Governor Jerry Brown are scared that Trump administration, which does not believe in global warming and climate change, will bring back the smog and other environmental issues.

California Governor Jerry Brown and other leaders of the state together with most of its citizens have vowed to fight Trump with all of their might. They will use the law and counteract Trump and its administrations' laws. They will fight for a waiver and they will win if everything will be based on science as the climate change and global warming is real and has much scientific evidence.

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