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NASA’s Upcoming Mission EM1 For The Deep Space Gateway

Apr 03, 2017 04:26 PM EDT


After a long intermission in the manned space program, NASA may resume it with the upcoming Exploration Mission 1 or EM1. The EM1 actually planned for a mission to built Deep Space Gateway in Cis-lunar space region.

Cis-lunar region actually directed the region within Moon’s orbit. According to NASA, the main purpose of EM1 is to build a facility for testing the systems. However, this Testbed is planned for further challenging missions into deep space territories including Mars.

In this regard, NASA said that the region offers a true deep space environment. So, EM1 may help to study and prepare for more complex human missions into the deepest solar system. Additionally, it also reduces time if any planetary rover is needed to return to the base rather than earth.

According to plan, NASA aims to begin the EM1 mission with the latest Space Launch System or SLS and Orion Spacecraft. However, NASA’s SLS is now in developmental phase, life support and related technologies are being tested on ISS, and habitation and propulsion development activities are also underway.

By the way, the first phase of the EM1 is using present technology to explore and gathering the data to gain knowledge. According to this data, they will build more advanced technology for the long-duration mission in the more distant region.

In addition, NASA is looking for a crew tended spaceport in lunar orbit that may integrate with Orion spacecraft. Within the first phase after EM1, it would serve as a gateway in deep space and lunar space. This gateway has a power bus, small habitat to extend crew time, docking capability, and an airlock. It also serviced by logistics modules to enable research facilities.

Now Spaceflight insider, a space news portal claimed that NASA first space launcher system on EM1 is based on block 1 configuration. It tentatively scheduled on late 2018-19. Therefore NASA programmed for built massive size SLS with Block 2B configuration for EM 2.

EM2 basically the next mission of EM1 and designated after the Europa Clipper robotic spacecraft launch. However, the entire subsequent mission up to EM8 will use this block 2B configuration. It looks like NASA will prefer more powerful Block 2B configured launcher in the manned mission.

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