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The U.S. Broadband Privacy Rules Face New Regulations as the President Donald Trump Signs a New Law

Apr 04, 2017 12:30 PM EDT

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The United States President Donald Trump signed a law on Monday to delete another rule of the previous administration. The current president now hits the U.S. Broadband Privacy rules.

Mac Rumors reported that the newly signed bill is aiming to reverse the U.S. Broadband Privacy rules that exist from the Obama era. According to these rules, the Internet Service Providers like the Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T can't sell the personal information of the customers. So far these service providers have to take permission from the subscribers before selling any personal data, web-browsing history, and others.

The new law, signed by the current U.S. President Donald Trump, actually hits the privacy protection of a huge number of subscribers or customers. The Internet Service Providers now don't need to ask for permission of the customers before selling their sensitive personal data. The new bill that will deactivate the U.S. Broadband Privacy rules has already created a huge outcry among the common people.

It is now a clear fact that the popular privacy groups like the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have received a severe blow. Both the groups supported the U.S. Broadband Privacy rules and backed the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, according to the Recode. But, the new approach by the U.S. President Donald Trump brings some confusion among the people.

After a huge hullabaloo, many Internet Service Providers or ISPs have confirmed that they will not sell the private and personal information of the customers. Popular ISP Verizon says that it does not sell the customers' web browsing history. On the other hand, Comcast opines that the company has not planned to sell the subscribers' data. The U.S. Broadband Privacy rules and the new approach by the U.S. President Donald Trump together create some interesting dimensions.

Privacy protection is always a preferred arena for the safety of the consumers. The repeal of the Obama era's U.S. Broadband Privacy rules can't probably bring that privacy in future. The Donald Trump administration now makes it clear that a good number of changes will be made about the privacy policy with the new law.

It is not yet clear about the long-lasting effect of the new bill signed by the U.S. President Donald Trump. The current move clearly indicates the preparation for deregulating the broadband internet service providers. Slowly the U.S. Broadband Privacy rules will disappear to bring a set of new regulations.

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